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Sofia Fima is a handbag brand dedicated to organizing women's busy lives with style, confidence, and ease.

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Premium Handbags for Work and Gym

Organized Style from Morning to Night

Don’t just buy another purse – invest in Sofia Fima. We created this brand to provide women a solution to feel stylish and confident – no matter where the day takes you. Our organizers are designed with your needs in mind – and they pair perfectly with our American-made leather bags (or another tote you already own and love).

The Convertible Cross-body Bag
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What They're Saying

“It’s perfect for carry on. I was able to put all my key gear in it, including computer and work papers, and carry it with the shoulder strap. It also fits under an airplane seat! So, a great work/travel bag.”
Kathryn in New York
"The Sofia Fima bag has allowed me for the first time to feel like the professional person that I am and that I need to be in my work environment and still feel like myself and feel put together. "
Lauren in Maine
“With my Main Squeeze Tote, I only need one bag to get through the day. No more two bag shuffle for me!”
"I LOVE my new bag. It’s fantastic! Since I work from home, I’ve mainly used it for travel. It’s been easy to use, easy to get through the airport with it, and best of all I’ve been able to travel with one bag, as opposed to a work bag and a purse."
"Thank you Sofia Fima, I have never been so organized. I can actually find everything in my bag!"
“My Main Squeeze bag is AMAZING! It adds chic-ness to my everyday life and every outfit... not to mention the random compliments I get which make me feel like a casual style icon. Practically speaking, I now only need ONE bag for work, gym, lunch and musical rehearsal! It makes me feel so ‘together’!”
"My Sofia Fima bag is beautiful, thoughtfully designed, and keeps the working mom in me well organized."
“I am so in love with my new bag. I have used it every day since I bought it. The leather is holding up beautifully, still looks like the day I bought it. The quality of the stitching is amazing. The design is perfect for everything I carry every day, wallet, glasses, phone, pens, even an iPad if I need it. And, I LOVE the magnetic closure. Cant wait to buy my next bag!"

Sofia Fima in the News

Leather Purse with removable organizers

The Solution to Your Handbag Inefficiencies

Your handbag needs to work as hard as you do. That’s why we exist – to provide women with stylishly functional pieces to empower your every day. Fun fact? We only sell online – and we pass the savings on to you (you read that right: if this bag were sold in a store, it would cost more than $1,000). Curious? We’d love to show you the details.

American made designer handbags with interchangeable organizers

Sofia Fima is a direct-to-consumer handbag company that arms professional women with luxury handbags that stand up to the daily hustle, effortlessly going from office to off duty. Whether a new hire starting out, a working mom always on the go, or bona fide career woman, we want to empower her by providing stylish versatility. Featuring thoughtful organization in all our bags – from compartments for your laptop to lip gloss – and timeless silhouettes designed by an architect to provide the structure you need to command your day, every day, our bags help modern women carry on being the formidable GirlBoss they know they are with complete confidence.

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