About Dianna

Dianna Pozdniakov is an American accessories designer, luxury entrepreneur, and working mother. Daughter to Russian immigrants—her father Fima is a master tailor, and her mother Sofia was a consummate fashionista—Dianna developed a passion for meticulous Old World construction and impeccable style at an early age. As an accomplished professional architect in New York City, Dianna found herself walking into board rooms and conferences with a canvas ant-print Dali tote from MOMA – and it didn’t feel right. She desired a functional and professional handbag that would help organize her busy day and give her a sense of confidence, but she couldn’t find a stylish bag that reflected her values of style and craftsmanship mixed with modern-day practicality on the market. From that desire and drive, Sofia Fima was born. Utilizing architectural techniques such as threedimensional
animation software and physical mockups, and driven by a calling to inspire and empower her fellow professional women, Dianna creates timeless bags focused on interior organization, structure, and exterior versatility and style. Living in Lewiston, Maine, with her husband and daughter, Dianna continues her mission. Her line is made by hand in the United States using Italian leather and artisan craftsmanship.

About Sofia Fima

Sofia Fima is a direct-to-consumer handbag company that arms professional women with luxury handbags that stand up to the daily hustle, effortlessly going from office to off duty. Whether a new hire starting out, a working mom always on the go, or bona fide career woman, we want to empower her by providing stylish versatility. Featuring thoughtful organization in all our bags – from compartments for your laptop to lip gloss – and timeless silhouettes designed by an architect to provide the structure you need to command your day, every day, our bags help modern women carry on being the formidable GirlBoss they know they are with complete confidence.